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LANAPĀ® Laser Treatment

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Laser Gum Surgery: A Different Kind of Gum Disease Treatment in Abington, MA

If you think you need gum disease treatment, act now. Gum disease touches most adults at some point, but many fail to get the gum disease treatment they need. Without treatment, patients risk losing their teeth. Even cardiovascular disease, cancer, low-birth rates and other health problems are linked to gum disease.

Why do so many people avoid gum disease treatment? Because up until recently, gum disease treatment meant having major surgery. Conventional treatment methods meant:

• Having teeth extracted and replaced with dentures and implants
• Making deep cuts along the gum line to dig and excavate diseased tissue while hurting healthy tissue
• Heavy bleeding, sutures and packing stuffed inside the gum line
• A long, painful healing period with pain medication
• A restrictive diet

Today’s gum disease treatment does NOT have to be that way anymore – not when you choose laser gum surgery with Dr. Thomas.

Dr. Thomas uses the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) to treat gum disease. LANAP® is the only FDA-cleared laser treatment protocol currently in use for gum disease treatment.

Patients trust LANAP® laser gum surgery because it’s an exceedingly safe, affective, fast gum disease treatment that doesn’t hurt. Doctors trust LANAP® because it’s backed by medical research and human histological studies that have advanced gum disease treatment to a whole new level.

Dr. Thomas uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to perform LANAP® – an innovative, FDA-cleared, dental laser that removes the discomfort associated with traditional gum disease treatment while providing additional benefits to his patients.

With the PerioLase®, Dr. Thomas can aim thin beams of light between your gums to hunt out and eradicate only the harmful bacteria. He never touches any of the nearby healthy tissue, which is an exciting development in gum disease treatment, because all of that good tissue left behind can once again attach to your tooth’s root surface. LANAP® even stimulates bone growth around your existing teeth to strengthen and protect them so you can hold on to them. Laser gum surgery actually promotes tooth security!

Why patients choose LANAP® laser gum surgery for gum disease treatment:

• Comfort –patients rarely need pain medication.
• No more tooth extractions – keep your natural teeth!
• Very little bleeding – because the PerioLase® wipes out only bacteria, it controls 90 percent of the inflammation that cause bleeding gums.
• Fast, easy recovery – patients are healed and back to life in 24 hours or less.
• Gum line stays intact – no cutting means there’s no receding gums
• Improved tolerance to hot and cold temperatures
• Lasting results your doctor can predict – results are permanent with good oral hygiene.
• LANAP® grown new bone – LANAP® is the only laser gum surgery protocol scientifically proven to regenerate bone around the teeth.

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