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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening by Dentists in Abington, MA

If you’re looking for whiter teeth, there are plenty of options: gels, toothpastes, special rinses, tooth strips and trays are readily available at drug stores. But do they deliver the super-white smile you really want?

For fast, professional results, teeth whitening by dentists may be a better bet. Dr. Thomas is a dentist for teeth whitening, utilizing products that are safe, very effective and designed to work better than store-bought varieties.

Here are two dentist teeth whitening options to consider with Dr. Thomas:

1. Dentist Teeth Whitening: In-Office

Most patients who try dentist teeth whitening in-office leave with a brighter smile that people notice right away. The one-hour procedure is simple. Dr. Thomas applies a pharmaceutical-grade tooth whitener to your teeth and accelerates the whitening process with a special light or laser.

2. Dentist Teeth Whitening: Tray-Based

Tray-based dentist teeth whitening is another way to make your smile shine, only this time, Dr. Thomas gives you the whitening materials to take home and use at your convenience. You’ll receive a set of customized trays that fit over your own teeth and whitening agent that you squeeze inside before wearing them. Dr. Thomas will tell you how long to keep them on – usually a few minutes or couple hours a day to safely reach the level of white you want.

Teeth Whitening By Dentists and Teeth Whitening Alone: Just the Facts

  • Strength. The majority of teeth whitening products available over the counter have 10 to 20 percent of the whitening agent (carbamide peroxide) needed to do the job. With teeth whitening by dentists, you receive solutions containing at least 15 to 43 percent carbamide peroxide, which makes a big difference. 
  • Trays. The whitening trays you get from Dr. Thomas are customized to fit your teeth only. The others are one-size-fits-all. Trays provided by the dentist for teeth whitening provide maximum contact between the whitening solution and your teeth so you can avoid streaky, uneven results. 
  • Gum protection. Teeth whitening by dentists are kinder to your gums, which are protected during the procedure with a rubber covering that keeps the bleaching chemicals on your teeth and away from soft tissue.
  • Personalization. Dr. Thomas will consult with you about your expectations and examine your teeth so you can decide together which dentist teeth whitening procedure works best for you.