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ClearCorrect – teeth straightening without braces in Abington, MA!

Teeth straightening methods have come a long way. In fact, metal braces are no longer the only way or the preferred way to get a straighter, more attractive smile.

Today, more of Dr. Thomas’s patients are looking for other ways to straighten their teeth without braces, which are bulky, obvious and irritating to most people. Aligner tray systems, such as ClearCorrect, are a revolutionary teeth straightening system that works without braces to discreetly and effectively correct underbites/overbites and repair teeth that are too crowded, crooked or spaced too far apart.

The ClearCorrect teeth straightening system uses thin, clear, custom-made aligner trays that you wear on top of your natural teeth much like custom-made whitening trays, except the ClearCorrect trays are engineered with accuracy to gradually shift your teeth into a more attractive smile over time.

The best part is nobody will know you are wearing them, because they are practically invisible! And unlike braces, you can remove ClearCorrect teeth straightening trays to eat, brush and floss your teeth.

How ClearCorrect Works Step by Step

  • Dr. Thomas will examine your teeth and discuss what you would like to change about your smile or if the ClearCorrect teeth straightening program can help you. 
  • If ClearCorrect is the right teeth straightening method for you, Dr. Thomas will take impressions and photographs of your teeth, maybe even some x-rays, and send them to ClearCorrect for a 3D rendering of your teeth.
  • Prior to beginning your actual teeth straightening program without braces, you will start off wearing passive aligners to test the fit and compatibility. This is "Phase Zero." 
  • Once you become comfortable wearing the aligner trays, a formal plan is mapped out and ClearCorrect will manufacture your treatment trays using computer precision technology. 
  • Dr. Thomas will contact you when your first set of teeth straightening aligner trays is ready. Each tray is specifically designed to bring your teeth into the next phase. 
  • You will visit Dr. Thomas periodically so he can track your progress and provide you with new aligner trays. 

Before you know it, your teeth straightening program will be over and you’ll be sporting a brand new smile!