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E4D Crown Machine
E4D machineIn most dental offices, receiving a dental crown can be a long, tedious process that is often uncomfortable and inconvenient. Typically, crowns can take weeks to manufacture in an off-site location. Patients will be required to wear a temporary crown until their new, permanent crown is received. Our office knows that the multiple office visits and waiting for your new dental crown is inconvenient and we believe that there is a better way to restore your smile. 

The E4D Crown machine allows our office to scan, design, and mill a beautiful custom restoration right in our office. Unlike before, now you can have your crown designed, manufactured, and placed the same day! There is no longer any need to wait 3-4 weeks for your final restoration. We can place your final restoration in one office visit.

The Process

Once your doctor determines that you need a crown restoration placed, your mouth will be digitally scanned and this data will be sent to the in-office milling machine. The milling machine uses the information to create a custom, beautiful crown that is made exactly to your specifications and in a very short period of time. Previously, molds were sent to an off-site laboratory where technicians created your crown. This process could take as long as 3-4 weeks to complete. Now, we can create your crown almost immediately! 

Advantages of E4D

  • Restorations can be completed in just one office visit.
  • You will not need a temporary crown.
  • There will be fewer injections and less anesthetic. Because the procedure will be completed in one office visit, you will only need to be numbed once rather than multiple times for multiple visits.
  • Faster recovery time with less tooth irritation. 
  • There is less chance for errors or variations during fabrication because the E4D scanner uses laser technology to take an exact digital impression of your tooth.
  • The restoration looks like your natural teeth.  The ceramic blocks that the restorations are milled from come in 17 shades so it is easy to match exactly your natural teeth.
  • The restoration feels like your natural teeth. 
  • The restoration is strong and durable. Studies have shown that ceramic restorations last at least as long as metal crowns, if not longer.
  • E4D technology uses bio-compatible materials that expand and contract like natural teeth.